TruTransform Training and Dietary Programme

This programme is designed to help you make incredible changes to the way you look and feel in only 12 weeks. This is achieved with a 5 day a week combination of high intensity interval training and specific resistance based training, together with a tailored nutrition plan. To assist you, we've made video content available to show you how to perform each exercise correctly, and achieve the best results. Your local truGym will have qualified staff to help support you through your transformation.


Get started today and begin the journey to a fitter, healthier and more confident version of yourself in only 12 weeks. This is achieved through:

  • A structured and effective training programme
  • Nutritional guidance to fuel your workouts and achieve your goals
  • Dietary supplements to aid your progress
  • Full support from Nathan, or any truGym staff member


Weight loss programmes

Our online programmes are available to download and work on both desktop and mobile devices. You can buy each of the phases separately, or scroll down to purchase the complete programme at a discounted rate.

Free online support


As part of the programme, we offer free nutritional and training support to help you achieve your goals. Our resident fitness expert, Nathan, is on hand to answer any questions and to assist you in your training regime and developing meal plans.

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